History of AMNY Continued

Haiti L'Association Moronaise had done a lot of good realizations in Moron, Haiti. For instance, we can mention the implantation of a purified water system with the aid of the Care Organization, the organization of several soccer tournaments, the erection of a big wall in front of the City cemetery, the face-off of all the churches of Moron, the creation of a scholarship for the orphans of Neptune boat disaster, the foundation of a local library carried the name of our late first president, Bardel Belizaire, organ instrument to a social group, the purchase of the soccer Laferme soccer field, the acquisition of the terrain for the construction of Moron High School under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Ruth Henry the financial contribution for the makeover of the Catholic Church and the creation of a commun-ication network for all the Moronais living in the Diaspora.

During its 25 years of existence, AMNY has its ups and downs. But the goal has always been to move forward in order to help Moron. Sometimes, we came closer to a possible dissolution of our group. Every time, a great Moronais will step up to carry on the torch of building bridges among all Moronais. We are not at the mountaintop yet, but we are still climbing the steps of improving the lives of our fellow Moronais. We just elected a new Executive Committee this past February 13 2011. We hope that the Association under this new leadership will conquer all obstacles and reach all the goals of our mission statement